Hello World

So I’ve always toyed with the idea of a writing a blog, like every other person on the internet (even Brady has one).

So I figured it’s about time, and my first post would be about one of the most important days of my life, the birth of my son Sebastian.

February 14th, 2010, Sebastian’s estimated due date. Tess and I went for a walk at the boardwalk in Long Beach, secretly hoping the ocean air might entice him to join us. Nothing. The next day we were at the OB for a checkup. No Dilation, no contractions. They monitored his heart rate and checked him out via sonogram, and everything seemed ok, so we continued to wait. A few days later, I get a call from Tess, the OB is going to induce labor because the baby is so big, and he’s past due! I rush home we get ready and head to the hospital later that evening.

I was an absolute nervous wreck, but I tried not to show it. Inducing labor was all about waiting, and 24 hours later, the doctor finally said she’s going to perform a C-Section. 9:30p we were prepped and in the operating room. I held Tess’s hand while they doctors did their thing. We heard our son’s voice for the first time at 10p, Tess and I looked at each other with wide teary eyes, and not a minute later I was holding the new addition to our family.